Sand and Sea in Black & White

I couldn’t help but watch the people lining the shore and the jetty, and notice all the individual memories being written as so many people gathered in a common place to leisurely live their lives. Everyone coming together to enjoy the water and the sun, but each group’s experience independent from the rest. People together, but apart, and soon to go separate ways and never to know if anyone happens upon the same place as any of those beach-goers again.

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Sunset at Henley Beach on 35mm film

A gallery of recent film photos I took at sunset at Henley beach, plus some thoughts on the creative process behind them.

Whenever I take my camera to the beach I always feel the need to hold back from taking an entire roll of the same photo, but it seems that even if I feel like I’m doing that, I never actually am.

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Roots | 35mm film photography

As I’ve definitely mentioned several times, I love photographing nature. But trees have been something I often shied away from, since I never really knew how to photograph them well to highlight their beauty. They always seemed far more extraordinary and amazing in real life. But… here are some pictures I recently took of trees!…

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