An impromptu trip to Henley beach resulted in one of the loveliest sunsets I’ve witnessed with a camera on me. Whenever I take my camera to the beach I always feel the need to hold back from taking an entire roll of the same photo, but it seems that even if I feel like I’m doing that, I never actually am.

I sometimes feel as though the ocean at sunset isn’t a ‘valuable’ photo to take since it’s the sort of thing I’d just capture on my phone, or that every ‘Instagram girl’ would post to their story, but just because anyone can point a camera at the ocean and take it’s photo doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.

This time I was lucky to actually capture a couple of wildlife photos as well, but even just classic ‘sea and sky’ photos have thought put into them. Orientation, composition, how much sea and how much sky, do I include the bird that just flew into frame?

I think I’m just a sucker for nice colours. The thing that inspires me most in photography is natural combinations of beautiful colours and juxtaposition of geometric and organic shapes and lines. I love that in photos like the above, there’s just a very straight line division between the sea and sky, that almost seems unnatural that it could be so straight. And playing around with the positioning of that within the frame can create some interesting images.

I think the ocean is actually one of my favourite things to take photos of because there’s so much you can capture with textures and colours and no two photos will ever truly be the same. I just find the sweeping emptiness eery but mysterious and beautiful.

Camera: Konica FS-1
Film stock: Kodak Portra 160

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

3 replies on “Sunset at Henley Beach on 35mm film

  1. These are really nice!! I, too, love to capture the beauty of the golden hour, the sunset, the twilight, the horizon and the sea. And that first photo of the bird is my favorite one!! β™‘

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