Last weekend I went on a holiday to Brisbane with my boyfriend, and I decided to take my film camera with me! I wanted to bring my film camera instead of my digital camera because it just keeps me in the moment more, instead of checking after every photo and worrying too much about getting the perfect shot. It also meant I could relive the moments when I got the pictures back, and don’t have quite so many photos to go through!

I was focusing on just documenting my favourite things, or things that interested me, to create a sequence of pictures that piece together a story in my memory, instead of trying to focus on being inherently ‘creative’ with my photography.

I used a roll of Portra 160 and a roll of ColourPlus 200, so ended up taking around 75 photos over the three days, but I’m only sharing a selection of them here. I don’t really want to ramble on and recount the events of the weekend because I’d rather leave the pictures here to speak. I was going to at least just write about my favourite thing we did, but I honestly can’t pick, because the entire experience of just spending quality time with someone important to me speaks above all else. I had a lovely time and while I wish I could have stayed longer, I am entirely grateful for the three day adventure.

There are a couple of pictures on a roll of film I didn’t get to finish, and I don’t actually remember what they were so I’ll be interested to see what they are when I fill up the roll and get them back!

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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