I find myself often revisiting places to take photos. I used to be hesitant in doing this because.. if I’ve already been there taking photos, there can’t be any photos left to take, right? But I actually have found that this is a great exercise for improving my photography, since I’m driven to look past the obvious that I may not have noticed on my first visit, and see things that are more obscure, hidden or interesting. Almost like I don’t even look at the things I’ve already photographed, I just naturally look beyond them. Also, our perspectives and tastes are constantly changing, so you are never looking at a place with the same set of eyes.

I sometimes feel like I need to endeavour to visit more interesting places to take photos, and yes, I think it is important (and also fun!!) to see and photograph new things, but it’s also as interesting to revisit old places. However, I feel no pressure to visit commonly photographed, ‘tourist’ type places.. places that are overly photographed. Simply because that would leave me just taking pictures everyone has already taken, whereas I want to create images that are works of art. Taking photos in places around and in my home town gives me a more unique perspective, since not everyone is going to be able to take those images – simply because not everyone will have access to it, and I am lucky to have that unique opportunity.

I view photography as a way to make art out of what is presented to me. I’m not doing a painting and conjuring something out of thin air in the form of paint strokes on a canvas, I’m seeing what is in front of me, and creating an image out of it. I need to take the ordinary, and craft it into something that is extraordinary. For this reason, I am more compelled to take photos of ordinary things in extraordinary ways, rather than find extraordinary things or places to photograph, because they can already be admired in real life.

My goal really is to make images from things that wouldn’t usually be admired, and to find these things, I like to revisit the same place often, to stretch and challenge my perspectives and hopefully create something amazing. I think everything can be extraordinary if you take the time to appreciate it.

Camera: Konica FS1
Film stocks: Kodak Colourplus 200 & Kodak Portra 160

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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