I know these aren’t all photos of forests, ferns or leaves but those are all shades of green and these photos are all indeed green. These photos were taken in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, and I find myself always finding new things to photograph there despite it being one of my main places to go to take photos.

In recent times I’ve been more inspired by patterns and textures than taking photos of say, a flower (although I doubt I will ever stop taking pictures of flowers). So entanglements of leaves and branches and nice light, or finding scenes within nature that has some kind of symmetry or repetition.

In looking for these types of photos I have been inspired by photographer, Dave Rothschild (I actually made an entire post with photos inspired by his work), and Roman Spataro (and a post with photos inspired by him is coming soon). Dave’s photos often depict quite messy and tangled nature scenes, while Roman’s photos are typically quite minimal, and include central alignment, symmetry and repetition, and I can definitely see both of their influence in the subject choice and framing of some of these photos.

I personally love using a centre alignment in my photos, even though a very basic rule of composition is to ‘avoid the centre’ and it was actually drilled into me often during a photography class I took this semester at university. I was told it gave the subject ‘room to move’ and it made the composition feel less static, but I actually like the stillness a central composition creates. I think it’s calming and grounding and in general symmetry is visually pleasing.

Also, I just like the juxtaposition between a more geometric, static composition combined with the unpredictability of a natural subject. I think this type of composition is something I have often included in my work, but since being more inspired by Roman Spataro’s photography, I’ve started doing it more consciously.

Camera: Konica FS-1
Film stocks: Kodak Colourplus 200 & (only a couple of photos) Kodak Portra 160

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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