Lauren Kathleen

Illustrator, Designer, Writer, Creator!

Lauren Kathleen is an Adelaide-based illustrator and visual artist, whose bright, colourful work is inspired by nature and her wanderings through the world. She works primarily digitally, and with oil or acrylic paint to capture simple, everyday moments of beauty and stillness, finding pockets of peace in gardens, forests, the ocean, and the sky. The building blocks of her work are always long walks, exploration, and contemplation and she is most inspired by nature, connection, memory, trains, and unanswerable questions.

Lauren also writes poetry and prose, and can often be found with a film camera in hand, observing always and collecting inspiration from the world around her in all forms, sometimes visually, sometimes in writing. She enjoys using all these components of her creative practice together, to develop projects that incorporate the poetry of both words and images.

Lauren is currently working from her art studio at The Mill Adelaide, where her current focus is on finding new applications for her art, exploring new mediums, and creating more than she consumes. When she isn’t consumed by her latest project, you can find her drinking tea, doing yoga, playing handpan, wandering in nature somewhere, or perhaps perusing a bookshop.

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