It’s interesting taking pictures at the beach on black and white film, since a lot of the allure of seaside photos comes from the colours, and black and white completely takes that away. Photographing in black and white makes you look at your subjects in a different way, since different elements are going to stand out. For me, it made me look at the shapes and lines in certain parts of the architecture around the beach, as well as take more notice of the people and life.

I couldn’t help but watch the people lining the shore and the jetty, and notice all the individual memories being written, as so many people gathered in a common place to leisurely live their lives. Everyone coming together to enjoy the water and the sun, but each group’s experience independent from the rest. People together, but apart, and soon to go separate ways and never to know if anyone happens upon the same place as any of those beach-goers again.

Film: Ilford HP5

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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