As I’ve definitely mentioned several times, I love photographing nature. But trees have been something I often shied away from, since I never really knew how to photograph them well to highlight their beauty. They always seemed far more extraordinary and amazing in real life. But… here are some pictures I recently took of trees! Pieces of trees, leaves of trees, roots of trees, whole trees, broken trees, trunks of trees, trees, trees, trees!

This picture actually isn’t focused how I wanted it to be but I still really like it so I’m including it. I love the arch of the branch it’s so cool!!

I actually struggled with exposure a bit on this roll of film since I forgot to adjust the ASA from 400 to 200 before I started shooting, so the first few pictures were accidentally one stop under-exposed. The two above pictures were shot like that and I can’t notice too much difference other than the colours being a little muddy in some places. I honestly prefer to over expose my photos a bit, just because I like the look, but I’m not too displeased with how these photos turned out.

Camera: Konica FS-1
Film: Kodak Colourplus 200

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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