As a very creative, busy person I find myself always having something to do or something I want to do or plan to do. There are a million ideas buzzing around in my head and basically I am always, always busy. In fact, I feel a certain sense of guilt if I am not keeping busy, as if I am wasting my creative potential or the potential which the day may hold by not doing so. Because of that I find myself… not knowing how to do nothing. I struggle to just ‘relax’ without thinking of all the other ‘more productive’ things I could be doing. Until I go on holiday, that is.

On a holiday there is often simply nothing to do but nothing (unless of course you are out and about soaking in the sights). There are restrictions set in place about what you can and can’t do when not in your own home surrounded by all your belongings and own daily routines. One can only do what is available to them, and there is no point in flooding one’s thoughts with usual chatter about everything there is to possibly do, because that is all back home. I spent a weekend away recently, and it opened my eyes to the fact that I can, in fact, do nothing! And I quite enjoyed simply seeing the sights and relaxing at the beach and taking things slow and reading and playing board games and watching TV and doing nothing inherently ‘productive’, but everything wholly worthwhile. It gave me a break from my thoughts of everything I want to do and allowed me to immerse myself in the moments unfolding and simply just be. Be with myself and with the people around me and experience moments so simple, but moments to be treasured.

Following are some photos from our weekend away in Cape Jervis – a town in South Australia that is almost the middle of nowhere. It was a lovely time and I definitely hope to have similar experiences again!

Camera: Konica FS-1
Film stocks: Kodak Portra 160, Fuji Superia X-tra 400

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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