This is an assortment of photos (posted pretty much in order) I took throughout April and May on film. I shot 2 rolls of Kodak Colourplus 200 film and one roll of Kodak 400Tmax Black and White Film, and I’ve picked some of my favourites to share. It’s the first time I’ve ever used Tmax and I quite like the results. I will be sharing more pictures from that roll in a later post for a different project, but in these pictures I find it especially interesting how it rendered the light coloured sand as quite a dark grey in the close up photo of the sea. You can probably tell that nature is my favourite thing to photograph and I always like my close up photos the best. I use an f/1.8 lens which gives me lots of depth of field which I love!! And I think for a cheap, consumer grade film, Colourplus does a lovely job of rendering greens, I like the bluish tint it gives shadowed greens.

I actually had to wait quite a while for some of these photos. The Tmax was in my camera for about a month before I finished the roll and got it developed, after I just got so busy with Uni. There were a couple of photos that I was anticipating the results for, of which I was pleasantly surprised, and there are others I completely forgot I took. I like how film almost works as a time capsule in that way. Hiding memories away in a little film canister to be revealed at a later date. I want to try shooting several rolls and waiting a few months to get them all developed all at once. I feel like that will test my patience but also be extremely rewarding to finally get them back. But we’ll see if I give in. For now, I hope you enjoy the photos, I think I got some good ones this time around. 🙂

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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