Pieces of the world – A poem

I think my skull would rattle if you shook it –
filled with an assortment of past things.
I’ll pluck and keep them as trinkets,
souvenirs, mementos of has been.
I fear losing thoughts, and days,
so I pocket reminders of each place I go
(in heart, in mind, in body, in soul).

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Head in the clouds – A poem

Look at us, small people, small hands,
With brains bigger than the sky.
I couldn’t count the stars that span
The air, let alone in my mind’s eye.

With brains bigger than the sky,
Oscillating colours – ever change in
The air, let alone in my mind’s eye.
Lilac, gold, peach, and the day begins.

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Ghost of a tree – A poem

There is a tree I used to climb
With sweeping walls of green,
Enclosing me in another world
That only I could see.

Nooks and crannies in the branches
Became shelves to hold my dreams.
Each bough, a room all of its own
In a home (as I had deemed).

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Brain Atlantis – A poem

I take two fingers and wander up your spine,
Over some hills and meander into your mind.

A hopscotch through thoughts you left me in a trail
To collect in a basket as I stroll through this fairytale –

This brain-Atlantis of clandestine clouded dreams,
a blush pink memory lane of the people you’ve been

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Costumes of myself – A poem

Maybe tomorrow I will slip back into an old skin
To be momentarily reacquainted with
A memory, for the fun of remembering.
I will cloak myself in a costume of my past self,
Playing dress up in a skin and a mind once mine,
And the wrong-er it feels makes my new self feel right-er.
I will close my eyes and ignore the ill-fitting
Tight squeeze, stretched straps, and snapped seams.
For in a dance of vivid recall I remember: this,
This is what it once felt like to be me.

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