So there’s this website called Botnik ( which is basically a predictive text generator. Similar to the feature on smart phones (which I’ve made poems with before) but more advanced I suppose. There are several different categories of text generators you can choose from ranging from recipes, advertisements, yelp reviews, buzzfeed quizzes, and the site basically takes words randomly from recipes, ads etc. and creates a keyboard of words for you to choose from and write with.

The ones I have had the most fun using have been the lyric keyboards, since there are more interesting and poetic words in them I suppose. I like how it encourages me to make more abstract connections between words and I think it’s actually a very interesting creative exercise. I think I might try doing this again using some weirder keyboards but still try and make them sound poetic and fun, but I’ll save that for another day. These were super fun to experiment with and I wanted to share them here! So enjoy!


All human beings float both up, down and to frantic frozen bends in love. Floating upon strong hands touching me, misguided time turning into dreams, you are standing exactly where we escape space. Nothing underneath will slip, figures sigh, turned to cynical darkness, catching a lie, broken hearts, broken branches, you are standing dust. Pitiful phantoms alone with flying panic eyed angels, flowers hurt concrete climbing out of cracks, but nothing you say will step on my soul.

Jimi Hendrix

Trees watch those who feel midnight on their wings silhouetted against dust and perilous dreams- walking through drearily sweeping loneliness. Moonbeams purple in windows and eyes, sweet lilac wonder sings above the sky. Hands bottle every dusty pleasure, forgotten timeless souls, imagination running wild, butterflies settle caught in their mind. Before long sunrise whispers over castles, and the soulful some might dream of gentle creatures, magic underneath the moon – angels.

Simon and Garfunkle 

In restless dreams I walked away from home to unseen streets, the sound of comfort almost everywhere but left behind. Sleep never laughed at any remains of mind, but escaping drifting wonder became a dream, floating questions jump, the prettiest sleeps are unaware of blinding silence. Someplace tonight I’ll lie asking only echoed memory to write a song of love or lonely eyes, I hear disappeared rhymes reaching into my heart, and many softly longing for secrets to keep. 


We stand like strangest innocence, different to people you see here, alone between leaving and listening to tomorrow. Promises keep asking for more time to survive, lacking thought and vision, losing against their mistakes somehow unafraid to be tired. Together we fall apart, different now, their eyes see a running breeze, never permanent, in our chest. Tomorrow we begin again, different now. Strange but not as innocent as they see, life is simply mistakes never made again but sometimes felt forever.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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