escapril day 3: Is anyone listening?

We tried asking politely,
Quietly, talking amongst ourselves
Hoping you’d overhear in hushed
Rustles, a subliminal message
In your ear (save us).

Oh, the joy you find in crunching
Leaves (we smile as you dance in our freshly
Fallen hair), and in those moments we
Exhale oxygen so you can breathe fresh air).
Perhaps the gift of deep breaths not
Made of poison, are not neatly wrapped
Enough for you. Or when we share
Sanctuary, leaning over to touch you
With a second of shade, we should tie
The relief up with a bow.
We watch you collect our generosity
In cupped hands, pocketing it –
We hope you’ll return the favour,
(but you never do).

And so, we grow for you a lush home,
But you’d rather tear it down.
We set ourselves aflame in hope
You might this time hear us shout.
And you cared for a moment
(such a fleeting moment).
But was it really for us?
Still, was anyone really listening?

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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