escapril day 4: earthly pleasures

There is a quiet in the air I can almost touch,
And time poised at my fingertips,
And the world seems an odd kind of still,
A waiting kind of still.

Waiting on the edge of days for
Music to start playing again
(We’re all in a game of musical
Statues and life just pressed pause).

We sit long enough to hear our thoughts
Now, as the bees stay busy still,
(And I sit long enough to watch them)
Collecting pockets of sunshine yellow.

Fruit continues to ripen,
(It doesn’t taste any less sweet),
But maybe this time we’ll sit long enough
To see the strawberries turn red.

We hold a world of stopped clocks
In our chests, (but clocks seem
Insignificant when time feels as if
It’s hanging, suspended in mid air)

I’m glad to have such earthly
Pleasures to keep me company
While I’m waiting for the world
To start ticking again.

Waiting to feel the air dance again
(When the motionless starts to fly).
And waiting to see him again
And to feel his hand in mine.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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