escapril day 2: growth / decay

I watch as the past fades, once-spoken words weigh
Less on my shoulders – as some people crumble,
Their shouts turn to mumbles and new faces
Try to take their place.

Old lovers, old friends, had beginnings and ends,
But as my grip slips from the recollection, vines wind
Their way up a sleeping spine to twist into my sleeping mind,
Thorns hooked onto the memory, grown into a dream –
Becoming a dance with the familiar amongst the unseen.

When I wake it’s just the nostalgia thats waits
For the melancholy awareness, accompanying the reminder
Of every flower I’ve watched wither in my palm.
But I dropped the remains to the garden bed,
And hoped something else would grow instead.
I knew that love would grow again.

This time I grew a garden, I started with a tree –
More always than a flower patch, and still just as pretty.
The compost of the rotting has fertilised the new,
And I haven’t felt a piece of such permanence ’til you.

After wistfully watching so many crumble away,
I know I wouldn’t have you, without growth or the decay,
In love, perhaps we don’t fall, we grow, and
Honey, you are becoming my always, you know.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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