Brain Atlantis – A poem

I take two fingers and wander up your spine,
Over some hills and meander into your mind.

A hopscotch through thoughts you left me in a trail
To collect in a basket as I stroll through this fairytale –

This brain-Atlantis of clandestine clouded dreams,
a blush pink memory lane of the people you’ve been

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My angel – A poem

In a kiss shared over a sparkling skyline,
Where fingers would freeze in moonlight wind,
Your touch is soft, and numbs the sting.
The love we found was a heavenly kind
So I’m convinced you are an angel – mine.

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A good kind of parasite (I guess) – A poem

A heart wrapped in hope – a gentle embrace,
Puncturing one root at a time, now a heart encased
In hope – it grows. Implanting dreams of could be
And vision encompassed by a vignette, a keyhole –
Painted on the back of my eyelids is an outstretched hand,
Promise hidden in every second glance, every smile, and
My heart is in the clouds while my feet are on the ground.
If only I could pull them back together somehow –

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Sunday morning quiet – A poem

They surface in quiet moments. Starting small, with a spark,
with a glimpse into something else, a flash of mind,
like a blink going the other way, but they build in an exponential
crescendo and soon I’m stopping every minute to take my gloves off
and write something down because the thoughts just keep coming,
and by the time all the dishes are clean, the bubbles have all disappeared
and the water is only on the verge of being warm.

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