escapril day 10: parasitic

A heart wrapped in hope – a gentle embrace,
Puncturing one root at a time, now a heart encased
In hope – it grows. Implanting dreams of could be
And vision encompassed by a vignette, a keyhole –
Painted on the back of my eyelids is an outstretched hand,
Promise hidden in every second glance, every smile, and
My heart is in the clouds while my feet are on the ground.
If only I could pull them back together somehow –

Then a shatter – tumbling vision as I try to catch
My heart falling to the earth in a moment, scratched
By the broken hope detached, but trying to latch
On still, reaching with scrambling hands. I’m watching
Life upside down now, familiar faces can’t be trusted,
Breathing flustered, the corners of your smile rusted.
An exposed heart reaches for a hug, heavy in my chest,
Deflated, final blossoms of hope wither with the rest.

But even the most somber hearts, will begin to sprout
New buds – hope is parasitic, it will always creep back out. 

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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