escapril day 15: euphoria

Euphoria is born on a lazy Sunday morning,
Wrapped in a blanket, fingers gently grazing
Your collarbone, or combing through messy sleep-hair
As you plant a kiss on my cheek, and whisper
A soft good morning in my ear.

In a silent sigh I open as petals to face the bliss
Bespoken in a kitchen-dance to the sound of music
And eggs sizzling, and the day is      weight      less.
Today has no destination, a journey unfolding inside itself
As we slow motion step onto the moon – life is different here.

Today we will do       nothing. We will be and we will breathe
And we will lean on each others shoulders and hold hands
And today, there is purpose in nothing because in nothing,
I can cherish you entirely, in all these simple pleasures.
Ease like this doesn’t exist elsewhere, 

So I think euphoria starts with you.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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