escapril day 28: _____ as a weapon

We blink silence back and forth,
Secrets beclouded by our eyes,
A tightrope tension between lips,
Or hearts, together we’re tongue-tied.

I can see words bubbling, but never
Erupting, what if they start to fall?
And in a moment I start to question
Whether you have anything to say at all?

I start looking, without blinking
And I wonder if my eyes show,
In some moments of pure silence
Everything you need to know?

I hold back with a clenched throat,
Rejecting an invitation to fill the space,
Leaving thoughts fermenting in my mouth,
Turning to poison, bitter in taste,

Left to live in poems and heart crevices,
Suppressed and forever still,
And your voice could be a weapon,
But your silence is what kills.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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