escapril day 27: fight or flight

Grit your teeth and bite your cheeks,
Craft the moment with your bare hands.
Let the words slip out, just in case
They’re never on the brink again.
Give your heart, clasped with shaky fingers
And fight for it – life is short.

Or let it go – you can’t cram everything
Into right now, into one moment.
You can pick a bouquet, but not a garden,
And you will always have voice left.
So force it out with clenched fists,
Or don’t, with a deep exhale, and wait,
Wait for the right moment to settle in your
Palms, and hold onto your heart until
Someone plunges a hand deep into your chest
And takes it, but keeps it close.
Don’t be afraid to let some things
Fly away, and wait – life is long.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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