Head in the clouds – A poem

Look at us, small people, small hands,
With brains bigger than the sky.
I couldn’t count the stars that span
The air, let alone in my mind’s eye.

With brains bigger than the sky,
Oscillating colours – ever change in
The air, let alone in my mind’s eye.
Lilac, gold, peach, and the day begins.

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Sunset at Henley Beach on 35mm film

A gallery of recent film photos I took at sunset at Henley beach, plus some thoughts on the creative process behind them.

Whenever I take my camera to the beach I always feel the need to hold back from taking an entire roll of the same photo, but it seems that even if I feel like I’m doing that, I never actually am.

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Photos of the Ocean

I recently went to the beach armed with my camera and tripod to try and capture the ocean in a different way, and here is a gallery of a couple of my favourite pictures! I took them using a long exposure so it really captured a beautiful movement and I love how the waves look like clouds. I’ll definitely be doing this again.

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