escapril day 9: focus on the colour

a cracked lipstick kiss
tastes more than pink,
like spat cherry pips
staining curtains and carpet.
a scratched cheek,
bloodshot eyes from
not enough sleep,
a heart that is hot with
too many beats.
have you ever noticed veins
splitting the skin
can resemble rivers of life
or cracks in a wall,
contingent on how your closed
open eyes meet them.
and red wine can drip sweetness
or claw at the throat,
the colour of that lipstick,
fervent as a rose
or a silent scream,
pandora’s box concealed
behind those lips you
want to kiss, be careful.
consider the lipstick cracks
a fracture in the mask,
watch for the warning
to keep your closed eyes
shut, but wide

notes: today’s prompt was ‘focus on the colour’, and I wanted to challenge myself a little bit by trying not to actually mention the colour I’m talking about or write about the colour itself (actually I mentioned the colour once but I wasn’t talking about the colour in particular so doesn’t count hehe). I also have featured this colour in some of my writings before as something quite symbolic, but this time I wanted to try and tackle it in a bit of a different way. Instead I was inspired by the colour and tried to write something that represented the mood of a colour, and at least from my own (quite biased) perspective I think I succeeded! I hope you enjoyed πŸ™‚

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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