escapril day 8: a love poem

Names always seemed to sound strange to say
Maybe I was just afraid of them meaning too much,
But I just want to say yours over
And over and over, I want to savour it,
I just want to feel it roll off my tongue.
And my name sounds like a song when you say it
Or should I say sing?
I could listen to you speak for an eternity
Your words filled with life and love
And light, your face ignites with the brightness
Of your smile and your eyes,
I never want to stop looking at you.
You inspire me.
You inspire me to grow.

I don’t know how to think anymore
Without thoughts of you.
It feels like I’ve stopped stumbling,
I can dance without tripping over my feet.
I’ve stopped mumbling, I can
Speak without tripping over my words,
I’ve blundered into a clearing without knowing
Where the path was I was looking for.

You are strange turned familiar but it’s
Peculiar, I don’t remember you ever being strange.
Rather, it’s the feeling that’s unfamiliar…
I am afraid of how effortless this feels to fall.
I’m scared of falling too fast but this feels more like flying
Maybe this time I’m not falling down,
I’m falling up.
Love shouldn’t be a hole to fall deep into but an infinity,
With clouds to cushion my landing
If I ever have one.
The sky is never-ending and untold
Soon I might meet the stars that brought us together
And left us alone in an empty cinema,
A movie screening just for us.

You are an anthology of beautiful things
And I want to write an anthology of you
You are my muse and you are art,

I can’t believe the way you’ve touched me
But I think you stole my heart.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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