escapril day 10: femininity

I feared in cutting my hair I would
Cut away my ability to twirl the locks
Around my finger and in turn
Be left with a loss of femininity.
But femininity isn’t found
In my wearing of a dress nor is it
Erased by boots and leather jackets.
It isn’t seen but expressed with a soft
Caress of his neck or a hand through his hair
And flushed cheeks in the sun.
Sweet smiles and a head held high.
Femininity is the delicacy of a flower
And the power of a diamond
That will never break and
It’s pretty because it sparkles
Not because it’s rare.

To cut my hair is not
To cut away the silk of my skin
Or my gentle touch
Or the care with which I listen,
It’s in my nature.
To be soft is to be tender and vulnerable
But my vulnerability will not be
Mistaken for weakness
When it is simply a quiet
Kind of strength.
I want my femininity to be felt
In my kindness and my warmth
And I see no shame in wanting to love.
I want to love, not to escape myself
But to find myself.
I want to care and be cared for
And feel I’ve been felt
And I want to care for myself,
For my beauty, for my mind,
For my body, for my soul.
It is not selfish or feeble to care
For myself, because while I want my
Femininity to shine outwardly,
I want it to sparkle inside of me, too.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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