You never touched me
In the way they did
But still
You mean more to me than them.
You never told me I was beautiful
In the way they did
But still
Your words mean more to me than theirs.
For they
Climbed into my heart
Fumbled their fingers on my strings
And mumbled utterances
Of anything
But did they mean any of it?
For they just climbed back out again.
They pulled a few strings
But it wasn’t anything
That couldn’t be fixed.
But you,
You climbed in
And you’re still here.
Your melody is subtle
A whisper,
Phantom fingers play the strings
You never speak loud enough to actually sing.
It’s like you’re scared of the crowd
Maybe you’re waiting for the theatre
To empty
Left with only me listening
So you don’t have to hear what everyone thinks
But I always listen.
I know that every single one
Of your utterances
Means something
(To you and me)
And maybe that’s why they’re so few
And far between.
Maybe that’s the way it should be.
But I feel you
Every single time
You strum one of my chords
And I just can’t help but be left
Wanting more.

You sit in a corner of me
But not alone.
You have my strings
And you play my song
Your fingers dance as I do
Or maybe the other way around
And around and around
We go
I dance to you
But not with you
I wish it could be both
Dancing to the sound of your
Breath and your heart beat
And the feeling of your hands in my hair.
But no,
No it’s just your ghost
And your phantom fingers
Not a memory because I don’t have you
To remember.
But there are no signs
That your song will cease.
I sometimes wonder why the world
Picked you
To mean so much to me
Why did the world pick you
To play my strings
Sitting in the corner of me,
You climbed into my heart

Perhaps you’ll never leave.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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