Journal entry: 14/9 | 9:27pm

Yesterdays are only mixtures of memories and maybes. Maybe I’d be happier if things had been different. But maybe I wouldn’t be me. I try not to regret. I try not to let all the stories that fill me, consume me. Time is only the rhythmic in and out of the tides of remembering and forgetting and oceans are only rising because land is melting. I try not to sink into yesterdays but rather stay afloat upon today. I hope that today doesn’t become poison for tomorrow. I have so much space left to scatter with footsteps and so much of me left to fill with the world. I hope every turned corner brings contentment because I never want to feel heavy like yesterday once did. The world isn’t heavy with it’s oceans so why should I be with mine? Sometimes it feels as though I’ve come as far as I’ll ever go, but time surprises you like that. There is always a tomorrow, until of course there isn’t. I’ll never know when the isn’t will be, but in my eyes I still have an infinity in front of me. Possibility is terrifying, but, oh, the memories I could make.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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