There is time spent still
And time spent running
You are still
You are quiet

I always wish I could stop time
But I don’t have to
When time seems to stop for us

Time holds still when I stop thinking and
You made me feel before I had to think

I’m always running
Running so fast but still never fast enough
Running to a train that will never wait for me

But you wait for me

I will always try to fit seconds into minutes
But you make hours feel like days
When I soak in and savour every second of you

But still time slips away from us
I’ll always wish for more

You are in between
You are a breath
You are fresh air and petrichor
You are an escape

You slow me down
You stop me running

You hold my hand and
You hold me still

And I never want you
to let go.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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