Fleeting Flowers – A poem

Even the pinkest pinks will fade
Eventually, perhaps to a dusty rose,
The open becomes closed, even
The prettiest flower will cease to glow.

Bold days turn to cold days, even the smoothest
Petals fold, soon brown replaces gold,
A shrivelled insignificance falls to the dirt,
But leaves space for a new bud to grow.

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Blooming in the rain – A poem

april showers bring may flowers
and there is purpose in the rain
the human heart holds strength in powers
to control suffering when there’s pain

there are only shadows because there’s sun
without light all life would turn dour
with rain, melancholy flowers can bloom
no matter how broken, our heart is still ours

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Photos from December

I had a good month for photography in December 2017. I just felt really inspired to photograph things. I have decided to compile all of my favourite photos I took in December into this blog post, to act as a memory and to share another side of my creative pursuits. Top 10: Honourable mentions:  …

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