Have you heard of the girl
Whose fingertips are always frozen
To compensate
For the warmth of her heart?
The girl whose world is made of poetry
When she picks her words so
Crafted from the blossoms
Of her sequestered meadow
As she strives to unearth
Nothing less than
The perfect bouquet.
With the perfect selection
Of flowers
From the dangerously
Colourful carpet
That thrives even after
Being trodden on
And left sodden
When the moon cries
Tears made of

From afar
Her perfume may taste of
The tranquility
Of the crisp frosty crunch
Of fallen leaves
On a frigid
But gentle
Misty morning.
But up close, her redolence
Is more reminiscent
Of petrichor
After a downpour,
Or the lull in
A billowing thunderstorm
As it surrenders
Just for her.
Just for a moment.
Leaving her pellucid
But decorated
With remnants of raindrops
Like fingerprints
Or footprints
Stamped in the mud
Dampened after the rain.

Have you seen the girl
Who lives with dirt
Tucked underneath
her perfect fingernails?
Petals incessantly
Falling from her sleeves
Under which she hides
The mystery
Of where her seeds are planted
And how she can perpetually
Be so
The secrets lie
In the soil
In her meadow that may not be
As perennial
As it seems to be from above,
And perhaps the reason
She plucks her words
So particularly
Is because sometimes,
After the fall of toxic teardrops,
She might not have much
To choose from.

So if you ever hear of the girl
Whose eyes are open
When they’re shut,
With seeds sewn
Into the roots of her eyelashes,
Know that if you get close enough
And she welcomes you to see
The crumbled petals
From tempered tufts of tulips
Of the ephemeral pastures
Where her bouquets of words grew
She must see
Your heart made of
And a crackling fire
Burning in the palm of your hand
With a lust
For lively thunderstorms,
Just waiting
To warm her
Frozen fingertips
And welcome her


*my new favourite word: (adj.) producing blossoms; flower bearing.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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