The place I fit into your arms
Is equally a home and an escape.
An escape into quiet,
Into immersion into us,
Into nothing else but a home.

I spend a lot of time on memory lane
Or staring into wishing wells.
But contemplations of yesteryear
Cannot be touched or seen, or barely imagined,
Becoming about as tangible as dreams
After a while, and nothing I could hope for
Under my breath
Is clear between coin-ripples or
Able to even be remembered…

But you keep me in the present.

With you there are no daydreams
Or holding on to night dreams.
You are all my dreams in one.
A pocket dream in the coat of reality,
A door opened to a world bigger on the inside with 
Life chaotically everywhere,
But in here it is still and only ever now.

I can’t help but think that
Memories were fragile until I was blessed
With the opportunity to remember you.
I soak in every second like I may
Forget you if I didn’t,
And I hold on to every time your scent
Lingers in the fabric of my clothing
So I can be with you a little longer.

You pull me closer to the present
Than I ever knew I could feel.
So close and so still and
Moving so closely with time
That I might sink into the earth
To be rooted to those rhythms like a tree,

But if it was with you I don’t think I’d mind.

You erase my mind of mumbled chatters
And replace it with only thoughts of
You and me
And here
And now

And everything seems to all at once
Stop mattering… and start mattering
Infinitely more.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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