For once I’m posting some digital photography!! So on this particular photo expedition I took my digital camera because I have black and white film in my 35mm camera right now and I didn’t particularly want to take black and white photos. However, I tried to approach my digital photo taking with the same mindset that I would take film photos, with purpose and intention, and not just snapping away because I can. I think in this case it was great that I had my digital camera because it meant I could take a ton more pictures, which I needed because there were lots of pictures I wanted to take (also because my digital camera got some use and it was expensive!!).

My main intention in approaching this as I would with film was simply so I wouldn’t necessarily end up with hundreds of photos to go through that mean nothing to me and that I don’t actually value or that I didn’t want to take. Obviously, I’m not sharing every single photo I took, but the percentage that I’m sharing of everything I took is a lot higher than it usually would be with digital photos.

This is a spot I have visited several times to take photos, but I have never seen it this green! It honestly feels like a secret fantasy world, even more so when it’s overrun with greenery, and only enhanced further by the fact that it kind of is a bit of a secret, off the beaten track sort of place. I think it’s beautiful how untouched it is. Nature is just left to exist and grow however it wants. I want to find more places like this. Anyway, every other time I’ve taken photos here it’s been very dry and rocky with little eye candy in terms of colours and textures, but this time was a different story.

I quite enjoyed taking more photos of just the sweeping overall landscape and patterns and textures, rather than focusing on single, small interesting things to take photos of as I once may have. I find I take less photos of flowers now and more photos of just.. green (could also be cause its winter and there aren’t many flowers around ??). I liked being able to capture a fairly minimal colour scheme and the green was just so stunning! I’m trying to be less particular about what I consider a worthy photo, because photography isn’t always about finding small things that most people would miss (although it sometimes is), sometimes it’s about capturing anything that you find interesting or beautiful, so that people who can’t see that place get to see it anyway.

(sometimes I feel like these things I write at the start of my photography posts are kind of pointless and maybe repetitive but I like writing them and documenting the thoughts behind my creative process because it’s nice to look back on and see how I grow)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos as I really enjoyed taking them; it was quite an adventure. The camera I used was the Canon EOS M50 and if you’re curious the settings for each photo are listed if you click on them because digital photos have metadata! Yay! I do shoot all my photos in manual mode and another way I approach this like film is by changing my camera settings individually for each photo to craft the images exactly how I want them. Enough, rambling now, here are some photos of a lovely overgrown nook in nature!

strangled trees
leafy details
a green oasis
pockets of life
just.. green

Bonus Infrared photos!

Also, following my post a little bit ago where I made some infrared photos, I thought these landscapes with the foliage weaving between all the rocks would really suit the infrared look! So here are some of the photos transformed into a parallel universe!!

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