escapril day 27: the state of it all

we stumble home through
dully lamp lit streets at 1 am
hand in hand with wobbly feet
cool night air cleansing fuzzy heads,

sometimes we sit on the edge of
the world (or it feels like it),
the city glitters, it’s colourful
even in the darkness,

window glows and street lamps
are mere scintillas of light
trying to mirror the stars,
and if they look small, then what am I?

if we sat here forever I don’t think
time would ever move,
the darkness would settle over our heads,
shape around us, mould us

into the nooks and crannies of a blanket
soft to the touch, and I wouldn’t
close my eyes and find myself
awoken by morning light

without your hand in mine, with
the weight of the things I forgot mattered
sitting on my shoulders, unveiled
in the cracks of light through my curtain,

we abandoned the chaos and catastrophes
and entanglements of burdens and
perplexities when we left them littered
amongst the city lights, too small to see

when sitting on the edge of the world…
maybe the world could be ending
but the state of it all, doesn’t matter at all
when I have you to watch it with me

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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