escapril day 24: liar, liar

A candle tells of air that never smelled so sweet,
And perfume plants fragrant flowers on my skin,
But with candied scents, she’s a liar, liar.

Reflection flips perception, I’ll never know
What your eyes see, my distorted vision vignetted
By my trust in a piece of glass, inevitably a liar, liar.

But the biggest untruths are uttered under a breath
Or hummed effortlessly, a memorised melody,
Without thinking, the heart is a liar, liar.

We are told to chase dreams by following our hearts –
Listen blindly to feelings, not the momentary thoughts
Feeding a fiction-fuelled mind, imagination is a liar, liar.

The heart deceives the mind and the mind misleads
The heart, each organ with its own truths and lies,
How can we solve which… is the liar, liar?

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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