escapril day 21: it’s the end of the world

When exactly does the world end?
When it shatters into fragments of glassy particles
sharp at the edges, asteroids now feeling like pebbles,
with the explosion of shrapnel piercing space? It still exists,
just in a different shape, so does the world only end
when it has become the lunch spiralling down the digestive tract
of a black hole?

Or does it end when it stops raining and the sky turns red
not just at sunset, and the ground has sucked all life left
through the cracks? When the world has grown weary
and it forgets to sprout seeds because any flourish will just be
scorched or trampled, so
why bother?

Is the world over when even echo’s are silenced and
it’s so quiet it feels like the earth is trembling as it holds its breath
(when really it’s just been choked to obstruct breathing altogether)?
When you can’t even hear the susurration
of wind through dead leaves and it’s so still you can’t feel the air?
(you’ll never notice you could feel it till you can’t)
Is the world over when the silence is so loud the earth hums
as it’s turning, and if you pressed an ear to the soil, the crust is so thin
you could hear bubbling below, and if you struck the ground hard enough
it might just split in two,
is the world over once it’s bled?

If the earth is still turning it can’t be at an end, can it?
There are plentiful planets without life defined by a beating heart,
the world still exists as an entity even if it isn’t a home.
We can’t destroy the world in a blow-it-to-pieces sort of way,
we may leave it barren and desolate,
so parched we might even feel the urgency for something to feed it
radiating off the skin, but I’m sure winds will still storm
and tousle whatever tainted remains stain the surface.
We could drain the world dry or obliterate its ability to thrive,
but we cannot kill the earth. Everything on it maybe
leaving it incapable of being a home, but
we won’t destroy the world, we may only destroy ours.

There’s a difference between earth and the world.
The earth will live on till the sun explodes, but I think the world
is at an end
as soon as there’s no life left to see it.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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