escapril day 20: a liminal space

sometimes the moments in between words
say more than the sounds we speak.
the circles you trace with your thumb
and your returned squeeze of my hand,
feel louder than I may ever choose to believe.

I’m sure we can feel each others hearts
beating as we synchronise our breathing
and we hum the same song under our breath,
a melody become part of the breeze.

while our ears rest, our thoughts claim their voice, and
our hearts unclench their fists to touch whatever they can reach.
the silence is never startled when it’s broken by a whisper
that’s interlaced with the rhythm of a drumming in our chest.

an utterance is the heart’s way of shouting,
but it does not rupture the enigma of a liminal space,
I am not waiting on the brink of a question, I am only
listening to a smooth swell of musical crescendo

as murmurs become a gentle nudge to fall out of almost-asleep
and into a dream that fills the night silence, not
with noise, but an explosion of colours
and stories we would never think to tell,
infused with (only imagined) sounds.

I’ve come to notice that not every silence is silent.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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