escapril day 5: back to nature

My words are the leaves the trees grow,
A part of my nature, a part of me.
I will return to writing always
Just as the trees sprout green.

Sometimes I find I struggle
To articulate with my tongue,
I can hum but I can’t sing,
Leaving many minds unsung.

My thoughts can be coherent,
But only when I see them.
In my mind they swim and swirl
And blunder, I wonder
What makes the mayhem.

Still, messy as they may be
It’s a messy-morning-hair sort of way.
Awoken from a dream where worlds came to be,
Then I almost forgot it was Monday.

Make me talk and I might not have much to say,
But if you catch me awake at 2am
Or staring out a bus window
Or listening to the trees,
The silence, it works wonders
For teeming minds like these.

My words are the leaves the trees grow,
I need them so I can bloom.
To stop writing is to leave me lost
Wilted, withered in the gloom.

I listen to the trees, they help me breathe,
Clear my head when it gets crowded.
They remind me the sky won’t always be blue
And my mind too, will sometimes be clouded.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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