escapril day 3: incorporate music

Further from who I was and
Closer to who I am

Music holds more memories than we remember
A melody is nostalgia and a photo album of sounds
I remember my life through the lyrics that touched me and
The songs connected to people
And days and nights
And moments
Some sounds touch the heart
And remind me of feelings I can feel I once felt
But don’t remember

Detaching from past people and thoughts
Those songs don’t skip heart beats anymore
But I’ve found a whole playlist of new songs that do
Your words are lyrics and your voice is a melody
There’s a new song I play on repeat
And that song is you
I hope you become one I never stop singing

Somehow I am lost
I am drifting
Between past and future
Old and new
I am distant and close
In between letting go and hanging on
In the process of forgetting old songs and remembering new ones
You are pulling me towards you as
I am pulling away from what’s behind me
My arms are extended in both directions
I’m floating and disconnected from who I’d come to know as me
But connecting to who I could be

To who I am.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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