When I disintegrate into space
What will be left
Is the remains of you
And all the people that made me. 

My scattered ashes 
Will be seeds
For not just the flower of me
But a garden.

By the end of all our lonely lives
We will realise none of us were ever lonely. 

Maybe on the outside 
we were only ever alone in one body
But on the inside we are specks 
of all the souls that ever surrounded us. 

And the explosion of me
Or the eruption of you 
Will result in the raining of a million stories
And thoughts and minds and inspirations.

How could I ever have been lonely
If so many people touched me
And filled me with themselves?

We all spend our lives 
trading pieces of each other 
And one another.

And when our ephemeral flesh finally
Reveals our bones 
You will find them painted in colours
You never learned to see. 

I am honoured to have you be
A part of me. 

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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