This time I tried to create more shorter poems, and I quite like them. Check out my first predictive text poems here, and my second ones here.



The other universe has been written
By the end of the world
And I have no reason to believe in this one.
It seems that the reason
I am always thinking about how I feel
And how to be happy
With my words
Is I don’t know
How much I love.


Defying all my heart
I think it’s just
The end of my time
With you.


Recording a voice message to me again
I am a voice of love
And a voice of my heart
So I’m not going to say goodbye to you
Because you are so beautiful
And I am so grateful to have you.

I am not going to say goodbye
But I’ll let you go.


The sky turns out
The clouds are going down
It’s going to be a long night
I don’t know where the water
Was coming from today
So here I am
I will see you in a dream.


I’m sending you all the way
To the other side of the road
To see the moon
And then
You can see what you’re missing.


I disappear within the day
You were here to see it all
The way they were
Always stays in my mind
All I have is right now.


The only one I could have
Was in my mind
That you were always in
My mind that you were always in
My heart and you
Were always thinking
About how I was meant to be with you
Because you were always
In my heart
And it was meant to be.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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