The world is so big
And I know I am small
If I don’t matter to anyone,
Do I matter at all?

Do I matter to them?
Do I matter to you?
I hope that I matter
But matter to who?

Do I tiptoe through hearts?
Do I skip through minds
Of lonely souls
Longing to find

A voice to lift
Their ragged bones,
To dry their tears
Or soften their moans.

Do I matter to whispers,
To stolen glances,
To silent smiles,
Do they dream of dances?

Maybe I matter to those
I’m yet to find
But if I matter to mysteries,
Or not, I don’t mind.

But why does it matter
That I matter to you?
Surely it matters more
That the sky is still blue.

I’ve gone as far to accept
That I’m destined to be
Stuck in this skeleton
Yet still I’m more free

Than most might think.

I tell myself
It’s enough that I am,
I am part of the world
And I’m part of its plan.

But if I know that I am
And still sometimes I shatter
‘I am’ can’t be enough
If still I don’t matter.

What’s alive keeps the living
Growing and flowing.
What’s the point in ‘I am’
If I don’t keep something glowing?

But a soul is still a soul,
A life still a life
And life will pass through me
Like day turns to night.

All the matters only exist,
While I am alive.
I am part of the world
I am here to thrive.

I am as much of a life
As all that I see,
I am living as strongly
As the tall of a tree

As the warmth of the sun
As the rhythm of the sea
If I don’t matter at all,
At least I matter to me.

The only soul
I’ll ever know
Is the one who fuels
My skin and bones.

So if I have to live
With all I’ll be
Then maybe it matters
That I matter to me.

But what if it’s more?
Maybe the world would be
Missing a piece of alive
If it weren’t for me.

But if I matter to the world
There must be others too.
I must matter to them
I must matter to you.

I matter to me,
And anyone new.


Do I matter at all?
Maybe I do.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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