Too often I end up multitasking when I’m trying to sleep. But sleeping and multitasking do not fit together. They are not part of the same puzzle.

When I lay down and switch my world to darkness, I am telling my mind that it is time to turn away from the world and turn off, ready to be switched on again in a few hours when I’m charged. But too often I sleep and think. I don’t let sleep take over I let the thoughts take over. Or I let music take over. Thinking before sleep is too much like being on standby. My screen is black but beneath it I’m still humming away.

I don’t know why I expect it to be a possibility for me to still sleep after I’ve tried to write and think in the dark. My body is now confused about what darkness means. Now darkness means fireflies of thoughts, words dancing in front of my eyes and a hand that aches if it isn’t writing. It means time to dance as songs fill my head. Darkness no longer means sleep.

So when you are ready to sleep, simply sleep. If you wish to embark on any other journey of thoughts, words or music, turn on the light. Otherwise, when in the dark, let any thoughts be fleeting and watch them float away like balloons. Don’t hold on and float away with them.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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