New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never really set new year’s resolutions before. I don’t really like the idea of them. It’s that whole thing of ‘you don’t need a new year to change things in your life, you can change anytime’. I agree with that, and also I don’t think it’s possible to just change over night because it is a new year. You can’t switch your mind set entirely with just one sleep in between. Change is something that you need to work towards. With time.

I think that a new year is a good opportunity to implement new things and start working towards goals that you want to achieve, but I don’t like to set things that I have to do now because it’s a new year. Sometimes it’s difficult to change during the year, because you’re in the middle of things, you’ve got some kind of flow happening and you have developed habits. Especially for someone like me who is still studying. The new year is a time to reset and start over in a sense. I have a couple of months of break before I start new things, so there is an opportunity to start developing new habits. But I’m not going to call them ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ because I know I will just disappoint myself when I am unable to act upon them straight away. They are more goals that I will have in mind as I enter a new phase of my life. I know that I will not switch overnight, so all throughout the year I will be trying to work on these goals in order to work towards a life I really want to live.

2018 Goals:

  1. Journal more. Now, I write quite a lot, but I don’t necessarily keep an actual journal where I write a lot about my days or my thoughts. It’s mostly poetry, planning stuff, ideas, or blog post type things. But I really want to get back into journalling because I do think that it is very beneficial for someone like me who thinks a lot, and reading back through old journals is one of my favourite things to do. So, I want more to look back on in the future. Especially now, as I’m starting University this year and basically entering a whole new phase of my life, I want to document it. Not just the general essence of it, I want to remember some of the details. I want to be able to see into the head of past me. And although sometimes I can get caught up in things and forget or just get plain lazy. I want to develop these habits more and make time for it. But I don’t want to force it.
  2. Read more books! I used to read so so much when I was younger, but when I entered high school I just stopped. I read more poetry, but not much fiction even though I do really enjoy it when I get around to it. So, I want to find some books that seem interesting and just start reading more.
  3. Start being more ethical with my clothing choices. By this I mean I want to stop buying fast fashion and clothes from mainstream stores. I want to start thrifting all of my clothes, not only because it will help the environment more, but it will help me save money!
  4. Stop buying things that I don’t need!
  5. Start washing my hair less. Now I know this one won’t happen overnight, but I currently wash my hair every day and I just don’t think that’s very good for me.
  6. Practice a better night routine. Just because I think a more regular routine in the evenings will be more beneficial for my sleep patterns.

2018 Projects:

  1. Start an Etsy shop selling notebooks with handmade covers and other handmade goods + my poetry book.
  2. Finish writing and illustrating my second poetry book and publish it.
  3. Begin working on a narrative poetry book that I have some great ideas for.
  4. Make more animations/films.
  5. Finish creating my new website and portfolio

Hopefully I can look back on these posts as reminders of my goals and to bring me more motivation when I lose it.

This month’s project: B.E.D.I.J

This month I’m working on writing a blog post every day in January (B.E.D.I.J). Seeing as I still have a couple of months till I start University, I just thought this might be a fun thing to do and would help me develop some good writing habits. I’m not sure exactly what types of things I’ll be posting. A lot of it will be similar to what I already post; poems, rambles about my thoughts on things, short stories etc. But I also want to share more of my art and the stories behind the drawings, because that’s a big part of my life that I haven’t shared much of. I want to share collections of photos I take on adventures and lists of favourite books, movies, songs, poems I like and other things. Kind of just because I like having things like that to look back on.

So yeah.. that’s what’s happening. Stick around if you want to.


Oh and also.. Happy New Year!

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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