I think the hours wear us away
Perhaps more than we think.
They wear away our guards.
Our masks.
All the things that protect
Our most vulnerable selves.
That’s why in the dark
I am suddenly powerful.
I can’t see the things that scare me.
At midnight I can do anything.
Maybe it’s just because
My mind is slipping into
A sleeping state
Of dreaming
Where anything is
The day has grown weary
And can no longer hold me back,
Because the arms that did
Are now brittle
And weak.
At midnight I can be a fire
As my lightbulb mind
Ignites a light
In the dark
And all the thoughts that I think
Seem to have the potential
To burn down the walls
That I have pieced together
Brick by brick
To keep the war away.
Suddenly I seem ready to go to war
And fight for what is mine
And what is right.
My desires march into my dreams
That are right in front of my eyes
As I walk the bridge between
Awake and asleep.
The things I could do
And the words I could say
Keep the fire alight
Until the dreams wash away.
The day brings a
Fire brigade.
Shines a light that washes
The flames away.
I’m not longer powerful
With the hours renewed.
As I can see again
All the things that made me
Build the wall
In the first place.
So now
All those
And dreams
Seem like a waste

Because the birth of new hours
Washed them away.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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