Dear today,

You are my favourite day. Although I don’t have much to choose from when it comes to picking favourites because you’re the only one that really exists. All the yesterdays that recount my existence and the infinite tomorrows or next weeks or next years that could possibly be, are nothing but projections in my mind. But you, today, are always here. 

Sometimes I think I forget about you when I’m too busy planning or reaching for a tomorrow that will never come, or when I’m turned backwards straining my eyes to see and remember a yesterday that doesn’t matter anymore. When I do that I only end up tripping over the rocks under my feet. Your rocks. I tread carelessly over your earth when your earth is the only one that really matters. And I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry I forget about you, today. I will try not to forget about you so much. But I suppose that’s what you get when you take things for granted. But one day, I might not have any today’s left and I don’t want to regret at the end not spending enough time with you. I don’t want to regret stamping down the flowers when I should have carefully walked around them to keep them blooming a little longer. 

So, thank you for always being there even when I neglect you or forget about you. I promise I will try to not do that anymore and that I will try not to get swept up into things that don’t really exist. I promise I will tread more carefully and I promise I will show you more that I appreciate you. Because I do.

Yours sincerely,


Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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