Anyone who has ever read poetry will know the types of poems that exist. There are the poems that are fairly straightforward and make perfect sense in every way. There are some that still make sense but in a more abstract way. Perhaps they are just a giant metaphor, but grammatically they still make sense. But then there are some poems that are just completely nonsensical in the way the words are strung together. I love these types of poems because I think they really challenge and reinforce the idea that a poem can be anything you want it to be and in a way, these poems are more strongly connected to the writer because reader may never truly know what the poet was meaning.

So, while talking to my friend the other day, he randomly brought up predictive text on smart phones and I was reminded of how hilarious it is when you write a paragraph fully using this feature. It often uses pieces of previous conversations and things you may have written before and adds words in to construct a completely nonsensical paragraph that can turn out to just be one huge sentence. (Although it depends because on my phone, a Samsung, it tends to put full stops and commas in, whereas on my iPad they tend to just be long sentences) I noticed while I was playing around with it that some of the sentences turned out sounding quite poetic. I decided that for a laugh and to play around with poetic form and what a poem is, I would use some paragraphs written with predictive text and split them up into a poem that might even almost make sense. I was surprised after I’d written them that I actually found myself finding meaning in them that was actually never there in the first place, and while they don’t really make sense, in a lop sided way, my brain has made sense of them. It almost felt like my phone was trying to say something to me, which brings up the question… did I write these poems or did my phone?

Poem 1: The Other Side Of Things

I have to do it for a few days, and
The other side of things.
It is the best.
I am a big deal,
But the fact that you can get a lot of fun,
And half an hour.
If you are intending to help me out, and
The other side of things.
It is the best.
I am a big deal,
And I am very interested in the morning.
The first thing you should know.
But you can be a bit weird sometimes
And I am very happy with it.

Poem 2: Time

This morning I was like a shadow of the time.
She said she would like the way
The natural beauty of the time has
To do with how the world.
It was all over it.
I am a difference between the ages,
And I will have a great day,
I don’t know if it is a great deal
Or experience
in this case,
The only one who’s a good idea
To have the same time.
I know you have questions about the same time.
I don’t know what time is right for you.
The best thing of a new window
And the other side of things
In life
Is to get better paint and then
You should be able to see the light.

Poem 3: The first thing

The first thing,
You should be fine,
I am very nice.

I’m a little bit.
I’m so sorry for not getting
The right now
And I am extremely sorry
For the best of
All of a thing
Or two of them.

We were always bumping
Into each other.

The first one.
The first one to the beach,
But the most part,
And a lot more to do with
The price of eggs
And I will have the same
If you have to.

The first thing,
You can be found on the bus
And I am a very lonely,
But I don’t know what to do about it.
The best way to go
From the you
Soon as you know what I have
And then you should have a lot to do.

I am sorry for your time
And I will not only
Be the first one.

I have a lot of people.
The only one that is the best of all
Of your choice,
Either by the time I do it for you,
I don’t really want it.

The best thing about this,
I have a question for the next day,
But it was fun to play.


So, those are my poems. If anyone interprets them in any way you should leave a comment or let me know because I think it would be fun to know what meaning people find in things that don’t really have meaning. I suppose everything has meaning though as soon as you give it a meaning. I might take these poems and modify them a bit so they make more sense and have some more thought put into them. Also, so that I can make them into something that means more to me and has more of a story. So look out for that.

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