I saw her again this morning.
I’ve been seeing her a lot recently.
I hadn’t seen her in a while.
She’s the girl whose eyes are brighter
Than the rest of the world
As they glow with the moonlight
They soaked in from the night before.
Her eyes smile
Even when the rest of her face doesn’t
But if you look close enough you can see
That her lips are always upturned at the corners.
There is a bounce in her step. She dances
Even when music isn’t playing.
When she looks into the sun,
Her eyes don’t burn like the eyes of others
And her face shines with golden light
Turning her into an angel that,
At any moment,
Could fly into the sky.
When she looks at you,
She breathes into your heart
The warmth that she soaked in
And you can’t help but feel content
And smile back.
With her smile, she gave me my own wings.
She made my day.
I will now see the day with bright eyes like hers.
I bet you’re wondering where I saw her
So that you too can feel her shimmer.
But it’s easy for you to find her
Because I saw her in the mirror.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

4 replies on “A poem I wrote on the bus this morning

  1. How beautiful, so heartwarming to read such wonderful insights. You are such a clever young lady . So proud to be in your life


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