• Flowers close their petals
    And droop their lonely heads
    Weighed down with the rain
  • The garden becomes shadowed
    By a sky painted in grey.
  • Brown sodden leaves are stamped into
    The steeped soil between the gravel stones.
  • But water droplets balancing on leaves
    Glisten like glitter
    In the single ray of sunlight
    Peeking through the clouds.
  • Yellow wattle flowers glow like magic
    Against the booming beginnings of a storm.
  • Rain patterns the pavement
    And turns the bricks a rich, deep red.
  • Dappled reflections of the garden
    Create new worlds inside the puddles.
  • Faded shadows decorate the house walls.
  • Wet footprints keep the memories of moments
    Alive for just a few seconds as they fade,
  • And if you look the opposite way
    When the sunlight catches the raindrops
    They almost look like stars that explode
    Into an arch of colours across the sky.
  • Even in the cold
    And with the sky clouded with gloomy grey,
    I can still find beauty
    In just the essence of a winter’s day.


Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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