In the past, I have challenged myself to try and write everyday. I would set myself a time and a number of pages and I would say “right, this is what I will write today”. I found that never lasted long because it felt like a chore. I would keep going with it for a while hoping that it would soon become a habit and an automatic thing I did, but it just never became that. My creativity would come in bursts and I would either write nothing, or I would stay up all night, unable to sleep because my mind simply rushed with creative thoughts. Recently however, I have been able to write everyday with ease. The words just come to me and I feel a natural urge to write. Some days it is more than others but I always write something. It has naturally become a habit without it feeling like a chore. Because I have accepted that it isn’t something I have to do to make my life better, but simply something I do because I enjoy it. I stopped trying to write the words and just let the words write me. I now feel slightly empty if I cannot write something. It is my relaxation in the evening, pouring my heart and mind out onto paper. If there is nothing there to pour, I just feel empty. Maybe the reason I’m finding it easier to write is that I’m not pressuring myself to write a certain way. Maybe it’s because I’m exploring more and no longer need to be sad in order to write. Maybe it’s actually because I’m feeling happier and more motivated, so I’m more actively seeking inspiration. There could be lots of reasons. But the most important thing is that if you want to develop a habit, whether it be writing every day, or drawing every day, or something completely different, don’t try to force yourself into doing it in a way that perhaps other people do it. Do it for you. Do it your own way. Take your time and don’t push yourself into it all at once. It will eventually become second nature, a part of you.

Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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