With hands stuffed in her pockets,
She hid behind her hair
Dressed in solely blacks and greys,
She dodged every person’s stare.
Quietly creeping through the crowd,
Completing her daily routine.
Retreating into the shadows,
Wishing she had the confidence to be seen.
So she committed to finding it,
By trying something new.
For by faking confidence on the surface,
It will eventually find you.
The essence of it will spread,
Spread throughout your bones
Knocking at the doors to your heart,
Searching for the unknown.
The idea of it will plant a seed,
And with time it will grow.
Ripening into a bright red rose.
Blooming, radiant and aglow.
Soon she became a peacock
Spreading her feathers for all to see.
Showing herself no longer scared her,
She was no longer scared to be set free.
Her confidence was in her head held high
In finding the perfect red dress.
In the long coat swishing behind her,
Strutting confidently but with finesse.
She found it by facing the world.
And by forcing herself to be observed.
She found it by perfectly applying her red lipstick.
Nothing could leave her unnerved.
She kept her eye upon the horizon,
The wind revealing her face as it blew
Creating a whole new kind of confidence,
With the click of her high heeled shoe.
Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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