A flower can grow in a concrete jungle
Amid a fractured cement track.
Nothing will stop it’s bloom from opening,
As it pushes through the crack.
A flower can grow in the smallest pot,
Confined by hardened terracotta walls.
It’s roots can’t reach as far as they want to
But it still responds to nature’s calls.
A flower can grow in any place it wishes
Even the most dark and dreary.
It’s efflorescence is never impeded,
It only makes the place more cheery.
Anyone can be a flower
If they are determined enough to grow.
They cannot let even the deepest crack
Obstruct their will to let go.
That girl was a beautiful spring flower.
Her smile glimmered like droplets in the sun.
And despite all the things that pushed and pulled.
Nothing hindered her journey once she had begun.
Posted by:Lauren Kathleen

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